How we keep your data private

We don’t want to know you that well.

We know you don’t want other people having access to your personal and financial information, and that includes IronVest. We don’t store it. We don’t modify it. And we definitely don’t share it. Here's what we do to ensure your data remains your data.

Decentralized Biometrics & PII

Instead of storing all biometric information in one place, such as a server, our proprietary technology allows us to separate it and store it in multiple places, or nodes.

We use multi-party computing (MPC), to gather the pieces from each of the nodes and authenticate your information. This is similar to having many different people holding pieces of a puzzle without knowing who the other holders are.

Zero-knowledge architecture

On top of decentralizing your data, we believe in further securing your information by using “host-proof hosting.” This means we can’t access or read your information, even in a worst case scenario, such as a hostile takeover or government subpoena.

Here’s how well you’re protected.

Protecting your information and privacy online is useless if we can't protect it on our site first.

Authentication beyond sign-in

The Conventional approaches to digital security often use layers of authentication (passwords, fingerprints, IP address) to make sure it’s really you accessing your information or accounts. But that’s generally on when you sign on. It’s kind of like a doorman checking your ID before allowing you to enter.

Our proprietary technology, AuthenticAction™, works more like a notary. It witnesses and captures the identity behind any action you perform online, leaving no room for an imposter to slip in. 

Account Recovery Protection

In most cases, if you forget your username or password, you can easily get a one-time password through your phone or email. Unfortunately, fraudsters can get one almost as easily.

IronVest technology replaces these unsecure personal communication channels with new personal communication channels in the security tokens. This protects recovery information from many common attacks, such as SIM swap, passcode fraud, business email compromise (BEC), and others.

Our approach to security is new. Our commitment isn’t.

We have worked hard to make the IronVest solution the most secure and private one available today. But we’ve been in the digital security business long enough to know that bad actors are working just as hard to threaten your online security.

We built our company to continuously advance our technology to ensure it’s the most secure it can be. Threats don’t stop. And neither do we.