Hey there, Github user. It's time for 2FA protection.

You need 2FA protection, and we've got a secure, seamless solution designed to protect 2FA codes sent by SMS. Let's do this.

2FA Protection

2FA codes are vulnerable to fraud via SIM Swaps.

Upgrade your GitHub security with IronVest 2FA protection

Set-up 2FA for your GitHub account privately and securely using an IronVest virtual (masked) phone number. Our masked phone numbers (as well as other security features we offer) are protected by our biometric fraud prevention platform so only you can access your account and receive your 2FA codes.

And those biometrics? They're decentralized. Rather than store your information in a centralized database, which can easily be compromised, we use decentralized technology so all your personal identifiable information (PII) and your biometric template isn't in one place. It’s a similar idea to storing pieces of treasure map in different places instead of putting the whole thing in one spot.

Receive your codes, securely.

Receive 2FA codes routed through your IronVest masked phone so there is an extra layer of security using our biometric authentication. Codes are never sent to your actual phone so there's no risk of things like SIM swapping.

How to Get an IronVest Security-first Virtual Phone Number