Masked Mobile Phone

Protect your privacy.

Keep your personal information private. Use an IronVest masked mobile phone number to avoid scammers and SIM swapping.

Making calls without using your real number has never been simpler or faster. 

What is a masked phone number?

A masked or virtual phone number is a number that isn’t tied to a specific mobile phone or landline. It routes incoming calls to your actual phone number without revealing it to the person on the other end of the line.


Keep spam calls down. You don't have to give out your real number if you don't want it, eliminating the chances for spammers to get your number and flood you with unwanted calls.


Receive 2FA codes routed through your IronVest masked phone so there is an extra layer of security using our biometric authentication. Codes are never sent to your actual phone so there's no risk of things like SIM swapping.

Get a masked phone

How to Get an IronVest Security-first Virtual Phone Number

Masked Mobile Phone FAQs