Masked Email Made Simple

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Use IronVest masked email addresses so you don’t have to give away the real thing.

There are lots of reasons to hide your email. IronVest makes it easy.

What is a masked email?

It’s a random email address that’s automatically created to be used in place of your real email address. It keeps your real email address private so it’s protected in the event a site is hacked. It also can help you avoid spam. 


Protect your personal email from being leaked in data breaches. Hackers can’t trace the masked email back to the original email address. Avoid tactics like phishing and credentials stuffing.


Keep spam out of your inbox. Companies won’t know your real email address. Only receive the emails you want and block the ones you don’t. And if you’re receiving a lot of unwanted emails, it’s easy to turn off a masked email. 

Get a masked email

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Masked email FAQs