Data Privacy Day: How individuals and organizations can take part in the effort to safeguard privacy and data

Yaron Dror

January 28, 2023

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For those of us deeply immersed in the cybersecurity world, January 28th marks an important day – Data Privacy Day. Initially intended as a reminder for organizations to emphasize the significance of data protection, this international campaign now reaches both individuals and enterprises. A top priority for any organization should be data security, and Data Privacy Day is a superb occasion to remind ourselves why this is essential.

The Crux of Data Privacy Day

Data privacy means to respect an individual’s personal information, not just on an individual basis, but also at an organizational level, where both reputation and profits could be threatened. With data breaches on the rise, this day has become even more relevant. This week, let's use Data Privacy Day to explore the significance of data privacy. Have your company assess its data collection procedures, and if it hasn't done so already, institute a privacy framework. While cybersecurity of a business is an organizational responsibility, individual consciousness is also required. Creating a strong, safe data policy starts with individuals and is far better than being in a reactive state.

Data Privacy Day Ideas: Let's celebrate.

You can take part in Data Privacy Day, whether as an individual, employee or a business. 

For Businesses

Be open about data collection

Customer data is a growing source of competitive advantage, gaining consumers’ confidence will be key. Companies that are transparent about the information they gather, give customers control of their personal data, and offer fair value in return for it are trusted and earn ongoing and expanded access.

Elevate your Security Awareness and Training Programs.

On Data Privacy Day, companies can think about how they train their employees in a contextual and relatable way. Cyber security training should be boring. It should be something everyone cares about but the way we train and present opportunities for learning makes a difference. 

For Individuals and Employees

Guard your accounts, not just passwords. Passwords managers manage passwords, they do not protect access. While keeping your passwords safe is important, it is equally or more important to protect access to accounts as most sensitive actions happen after someone logs in.  

Manage your privacy settings. Too often we subscribe to online services and devices without examining the privacy settings, and then overlook the option to opt-out of more intense data collection. 

Use privacy tools As this NY Times article suggests, it may seem harmless, but when you enter your email, you’re sharing a lot more than just that.  Consider using privacy tools that enable you to mask emails, phone numbers and credit card information to safeguard your privacy. 

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