Biometric Data Policy

Updated: 2022-09-08

The document sets forth IronVest Inc.’s (“IronVest”) policy and procedures with respect to the collection, use, and retention of biometric data.  

Biometric Data Defined 

As used in this policy, biometric data includes “biometric identifiers” and “biometric information.”  “Biometric identifier” means a retina or iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint, or scan of hand or face geometry. “Biometric information” means any information, regardless of how it is captured, converted, stored, or shared, based on an individual’s biometric identifier used to identify an individual.  

IronVest’s Collection & Use of Biometric Data

IronVest and its vendor, Anonybit, Inc. (“Vendor”), collect, retain, and use biometric data for the purpose of verifying the identity of individuals, like you, (“End Users”) who elect to use any of IronVest’s paid tiers of privacy and security protection tools, to conduct online transactions securely, which are available via Ironvest’s Mobile Application, or Website, or by Chrome Browser extension,  (“the Sites”).  More specifically, (i) for safety, security, and convenience reasons, (ii) to verify End Users’ identity prior to conducting a sensitive online transaction, and to help resolve disputes regarding the same, and (iii) in an effort to prevent and combat fraud, IronVest and/or its Vendor will compare photo imagery of End Users with symbols that represent features extracted from the End Users’ profile imagery to confirm their identities using facial recognition technology.  Both IronVest and its Vendor may have access to such biometric data.  To the extent required by law, IronVest will obtain your informed consent before collecting, using, or retaining your biometric data.

Safeguarding & Storage

Your biometric data will be decentralized and hosted in a cloud owned by IronVest’s Vendor. IronVest will not store your biometric data.  The terms of security and storage of your biometric data will be governed by Anonybit’s Privacy Policy and not IronVest’s Privacy Policy. Anonybit will retain your biometric data for only so long as necessary to provide services to you, unless a longer period is permitted (or required) under applicable law or regulation. 

Retention & Destruction

IronVest will request that its Vendor permanently destroy your biometric data three (3) years after your last interaction with IronVest products and solutions unless a longer period is permitted under applicable law or regulation.

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